Join the ham radio community. Take the challenge – it’s your ticket to a lifetime with plenty of interesting activities.

Germany offers two license classes:
Klasse E for novice [ limited bands and power ]
Klasse A for seniors [ full access ]

This is the roadmap to your German Amateur Radio license

  1. Download the questionnaires from the German Telecommunication Authority, the BUNDESNETZAGENTUR. Files are available in PDF format.
  2. Start with license level for novice, it’s called Klasse E.
  3. Get in touch with one of the many clubs in Germany. The governing body is the DARC [ Deutscher Amateur Radio Club ]. Looking on the DARC www platform, you will find the nearest club in your area.
  4. DARC can also help you to source examination dates and locations.
  5. Test is multiple choice. Score better or equal to 75% and you receive your license.
  6. Apply for a call. It’s not assigned to you automatically, e.g. such as in the US.

Of course, you can upgrade to the highest ham class any time later. It’s called Klasse A. With this premium license, you have access to all bands and may use max. allowed power.

It’s not mandatory to begin with Klasse E. You can also go for Klasse A in the first place. However I would not recommend this way since it isn’t that easy subject.

All questionnaires are in German language. Besides sound technical background, you will need good understanding of the German language.

Good luck!