I am logging all QSO’s by PC, electronic records only. I upload my logs almost daily to LotW; eQSL; QRZ; ClubLog; HRDlog; HamQTH; Clublog; QRZcq, DARC-DCL.


My QSO records are frequently uploaded to the major web database


Here the bad news. I must admit, my paper QSL response is kind of a mess. Though all preconditions are perfect, QSL cards are at hand, club QSL manager does a perfect job, it would simply take someone to write the cards. My sincere apologies to all whom I owe a QSL card. It may save the lives of a few more trees.

QSL card DJ1AE
Anechoic Chamber for Measurement of Wireless Device Spurious Emission

Link to DJ1AE third party websites