AE1DJ is my call when I am abroad, outside Germany. Since my residence is in Germany, I do not maintain a stationary shack in the United States. I do however like to travel and try to be QRV when I am on a business trip or vacation.

My home QTH station DJ1AE in Germany is equipped with hardware as follows:

Hardware in my shack

  • Qty 1 Software TRX ANAN100, maker APACHE LABS
  • Qty 1 solid state linear power amplifier, model BLA-1000, maker RM-ITALY
  • Qty 1 Yagi Antenna, model FB33, maker FRITZEL
  • Qty 1 antenna rotator, model HAM-IV, maker HY-GAIN
  • Qty 1 DZEP antenna, homebrew, 2x 23m symmetric feed dipole
  • Qty 1 symmetric coupler, homebrew, DL3LAC design
  • Qty 1 SWR & Power Meter, model CN-101L, maker DAIWA
  • Qty 1 SWR & Power Meter, model CN-801, maker DAIWA
  • Qty 1 active magnetic Rx antenna,  LZ1AQ circuit design, homebrew cross loops, STOLLE rotator
  • Qty 2 DMR walkie-talkies, model RT3, maker TYTERA
  • Qty 1 BlueStack / BlueDV [ on-the-go DMR Hotspot ]
  • Qty 1 portable FM TRX, model FT-7800, maker YAESU
  • Qty 1 portable SDR TRX for QRP portable, model RS-918, maker RECENT CHINA (CN clone of mcHF design by MØNKA)
  • Qty 1 SDR Receiver, Type RSP2 / Radio Spectrum Processor, maker SDRplay [ for band monitoring ]
  • Notebook LENOVO X220 running on Windows 10 [ for digi Modes QRP mobile ]

This is the software that I use for ham radio applications

  • DX lab suite [ basically for logging only, though this tool can do much more ]
  • OpenHPSDR mRX v.3.4.2 [ running on windows 10 ]
  • Tytera Flash Tool v.1.05 by KG5RKI [ for DMR userDB maintenance and firmware flash ]
  • CPS MD 380 [ code plug editor for DMR ]
  • V2.60 Tuner Control by Ludger Haarhoff, DD8EI [ for symmetric coupler by DL3LAC ]
  • WSJT-X v1.8.0-rc2 by K1JT [ for FT8 ] with JTAlertX 2.10.0 [ bridge into DXlab log ]
  • JTDX v17.9 by HF community [ for JT65 and JT9 ] with JTAlertX 2.10.0 [ bridge into DXlab log ]
  • Dimension 4, Thinking Man Software by Rob Chambers, Version 5.31.331.0
    [ time sync tool ]
  • Google Earth Pro [ to show propagation path on globe ]
  • Virtual Serial Ports Emulator by ETERLOGIC
  • VBcable [ audio transmission between SDR and PC ]
openHPSDR running on ANAN-100 made by Apache Labs
openHPSDR running on ANAN-100 made by Apache Labs

HF Antenna

  • 3 element trap yagi, model FB33, maker FRITZEL, 10m / 15m / 20m bands
  • Homebrew DZEP / dipole 2x23m, symmetric feed and symmetric coupler, all HF bands
  • Active Rx antenna, small cross loop with LZ1AQ preamplifier, used as low noise Rx option, particular for low bands 160m / 80m / 60m / 40m
DJ1AE antennas

VHF / UHF Antenna

  • 2 band ground plane, maker Diamond, model X510, used for FM VHF
  • 7 element CARANT-TV Yagi, modified for 70cm amateur band, used for DMR

Link to the website of the German Amateur Radio Station DJ1AE