Digital Mobile Radio [ DMR ]

DMR connects you to the world with a small handheld. It’s cheap and it’s 100% clear audio since the voice is digital encoded and compressed.

Retevis RT3
Simplified DMR System Topography


DMR topology symbol key

The DMR repeater of our local club PØ4 is connected to the Brandmeister network. The repeater call is DBØHDH. The local talkgroup is TG26273.


DMR www links

Brandmeister Network

Brandmeister Dashboard
The dashboard link is an ideal platform to start into the DMR Network. You will find closely anything that concerns Brandmeister. I recommend to have a closer look at the diverse features of this www page. E.g. there is the hoseline, that enables anybody to listen to the ham radio traffic worldwide, even for people who do not have a licence. Amateur Radio is non-commercial, open source, experimental, connecting licensed hams.
Brandmeister Hoseline


Tytera Flash Tool

Ideally, Firmware Upgrades should be proceeded by professionals. It’s possible to hook up the device heavily if the routine is not followed propperly. All this is quite different with the Tytera Flash Tool. This upgrade client is very user friendly and pretty safe to handle. It’s the swiss-army-knife for firmware upgrades for the RT3 and MD380. Besides this, it can be also used for user database upgrades. At this point I want to express my gratefulness to OM Ty Weaver, KG5RKI, the smart programmer of Tytera Flash Tool!
Tytera Flash Tool download from DC7JZB
OM Mario, DC7JZB provides the download with useful hints.

The new firmware displays useful information on the Tx screen: Call, Name and QTH of the QSO Partner


DMR Repeater List Worldwide


Repeater Maps Worldwide